Modern Psychological Studies

Volume 25, Number 1 (2019)



Child Outcomes of Having a Parent with an AUD
Faith A. Shank, Kirsten Petrarca, and Carolyn Barry


Love, Language, and Linear Algebra: Linguistic Modeling of Personality and Mate Preference
Caleb Z. Marshall, Erin M. Buchanan, and Melissa Duncan Fallone


Attachment to God as a Function of Mortality Salience and Intrinsic Religiosity
Jill Hoffman, Robert B. Arrowood, Maddie Weinstock, Arielle Cenin, and Cathy R. Cox


Conceal, Don't Feel: Gender Differences in Implicit and Explicit Expressions of Emotions
Sara Carlton, Abbey Harrison, Sydney Honoré, and Leilani B. Goodmon


Faculty Advisor
David Ross

Malynda Clark

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Eric Barton
Alexis Bishop
Alexis Bramlett
Virginia Britto
Julianne Corderra
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