Modern Psychological Studies

Volume 30, Number 1 (2024)



Motivated gifts: A self-determination perspective
Sharise Love and Liudmila Titova


Body dissatisfaction in college students: Which sociocultural pressure best predicts drive for thinness?
Sawyer V. Ellis, Elaine M. Kozmiuk, Mary E. Pritchard, and Heather Schoenherr


Attitude changes among college students post-pandemic
Alex J. Goncalo and Nicholas S. Zambrotta


Body image and social media in college students
Elaine M. Kozmiuk, Sawyer Ellis, Mary Pritchard, and Heather Schoenherr (Mentor)


The effects of video game use on spatial ability in a landmark memory task
Brendan T. Jacobs, Christina A. Thrasher, and Lauren L. Harburger

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David F. Ross

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