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The Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, conducted secondary testing and limited salvage excavations at the Heritage Place Site, 40HA210, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, in April 1985. Sponsored by the Stone Fon Land Company, the excavations were predicated by imminent construction impact on a parcel of land adjoining the right bank of the Tennessee River at mile 465. In seeking a permit to access the river, the developer was required by the Anny Corps of Engineers to conduct a survey of the property to determine if archaeological resources would be threatened by construction. The Institute was engaged by the Stone Fon Land Company to conduct a survey of the construction site. The area tested consisted of a strip of broad river terrace 400m (1300') wide and 1100m (3600') long. Surface collections from the site indicated the presence of a variety of historic and prehistoric occupations on the propeny identified as the Hampton and Marsh tracts. An archaeological survey of the Heritage Place Site in November 1984 demonstrated the presence of Woodland and Mississippian cultural debris on the site, and in the course of systematic subsurface testing a burial was partially exposed. Funded by a donation, the Institute returned to the site in April, 1985, and conducted a limited-scale secondary testing program on the site, concentrating on the excavation of portions of a wattle and daub house structore and the salvage of two burials. Excavation of the housesite revealed a series of charred wooden posts, one modelled-rim hearth, two shallow pits, three postholes, and two inhumations. The outline of the house was not fully exposed. Radiocarbon date detenninations on charcoal samples from the house structure indicated construction about 1350 A.D., associating the occupation of the house with the Dallas Period of the Mississippian Tradition. Structural evidence and the artifact assemblage conforms to the Dallas attribution.


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Limited excavation of a Dallas Period Mississippian housesite at the Heritage Place Site, 40HA210, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee