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Archaeological monitoring of construction of the "Millenium" segment of the Tennessee Riverpark development was conducted between April 2002 and May 2005. A small number of closed-context features were exposed and documented during the monitoring. Three human interments and one small firepit were recorded. The great majority of the route of the Riverpark contained no significant archaeological features or deposits. Significant portions of the route of the walkway traversed severely modified terrain including capped landfills, roadway shoulders and redeposited fills. Previously-recorded historic and prehistoric sites near the Amnicola Marsh had been seriously disturbed during creation of the Centre South Industrial Riverport and no closed-context archaeological features were noted during Riverpark construction activities in that vicinity. The Roxbury Site, 40HA66, principally contained the badly disturbed remnants of a Late Woodland mound and village that had largely been destroyed during construction of a textile mill in the early 1970s. Very small remnants of undisturbed midden may remain on the Northrup King parcel of the Riverpark. A lithic scatter is also adjacent to one segment of the Riverpark north of the Riverpoint spur trail. This site merits protection and further testing as the opportunity arises. Three human interments were exposed during the construction project; one was encountered within the work limits by project contractors and was recognized and protected by the monitoring archaeologist. The additional two burials were exposed out of the work limits by a contractor not affiliated with the Riverpark construction. All three burials were reported to the Hamilton County Medical Examiner's office and the Tennessee State Archaeologist. The interments were not excavated or recovered, but were capped by concrete slabs and left in situ as directed by the State Archaeologist.


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Archaeological monitoring of construction of the Tennessee Riverpark