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In response to a request by Ross-Fowler, P.C., of Knoxville, the lead planning agency in the proposed extension of the Tennessee Riverpark, the Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (hereafter "the Institute) completed fieldwork associated with a Phase I survey and Phase II secondary testing at two localities in Chattanooga that will be impacted by proposed extensions to the Tennessee Riverpark. The Institute conducted a Phase I survey of a 1600'/490m linear corridor through properties of the Synair Corporation and a City of Chattanooga tract, and a Phase II secondary testing project at 40HA66, the Roxbury Site, at the mouth of South Chickamauga Creek, involving roughly 4800'/ 1460m of linear corridor. This research was designed to identify significant archaeological resources that might be impacted by the construction of the Tennessee Riverpark extension. In accordance with regulations codified at 36 CFR 800 (84 FR 27044, May 18, 1999), the Tennessee Historical Commission stipulated that previously unsurveyed portions of the proposed Riverpark extension construction route be subject to Phase I archaeological survey, and that Phase II secondary testing be done on the Roxbury Mound site due to the presence of a Woodland-period burial mound adjacent to the walkway, and the likelihood of prehistoric remains being present at the junction of South Chickamauga Creek and the Tennessee River. The Institute carried out twelve days of survey and testing during April and May of 2001. This preliminary report outlines the results of this survey and testing, and will be incorporated into a final report that will also include the results of monitoring at 40HA66 as well as other sections of the proposed Riverpark extension.


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Archaeological survey and testing of the proposed Riverpark extensions on Synair Corporations, City of Chattanooga, and NK Lawn and Garden Properties, Chattanooga, Tennessee