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Ward, Michael J.

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Novobilski, Andrew J.; Kizza, Joseph M.; Ward, James A.


Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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Chattanooga (Tenn.)


While information technology divisions in various schools often conduct surveys on general computer use, almost no studies have been done that directly targeted the level of Internet security awareness among college students. The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a not-for-profit, public-private partnership focused on increasing online security awareness, in collaboration with the Government and the Internet industry, organized a number of different projects designed to promote "safe online practices" among college students. However, since research has not been done to investigate the relationship between students' demographics and their Internet security awareness, it is not possible to tell how effective these projects are. Due to the lack of research, it is also not possible to tell whether these projects are reaching the groups of students that are most at risk. Moreover, because each school has different student demographics and different network security related issues, the same principles cannot be applied equally to all schools.


Dr. Ward (my supervisor) - thank you very, very much for your help, advices, support, patience, and time. Thank you for the e-mails of encouragement, and for listening to my whining. Thank you for the warning about "procrastination!" - I will keep than in mind. Thank you for reading through this thing a million times. I am really happy I got the chance to work with you. My examining committee members: Dr. Novobilski - thank you for being a great professor and teaching that Java 150 class. I stayed in Computer Science because of you. Thank you for all the words of encouragement during these four years I have known you. Dr Kizza - thank you for your networking classes! Thank you for the patience with this paper, and thank you for the great advices and suggestions that made it better. Thank you for showing me how to turn weaknesses into strengths. Dr. Ward (UTC History department) - thank you for teaching me that with hard work it is possible to achieve anything. Thank you for talking to me, asking about my parents, and my country. Thank you, even, for making fun of me! Thank you for the most fun History lectures in the history of History lectures. Thank you for all the support and encouragement during my freshman year. And ... I almost forgot, thank you for reading through this "monster paper" :o). University Honors staff- thank you for being wonderful to me during these four years. Thank you for making this experience possible. Thanks to everybody who took the survey! David & Foxy- n00bs, thank you for being around, drinking coffee with me, and for letting me exploit you awesome English skills! Mom and Dad - thank you for being the best parents in the world, for your support, help, patience, advices. I wouldn't get this far without you. Galen - thank you ...


B. S.; An honors thesis submitted to the faculty of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Bachelor of Science.




Computer networks--Security measures; Computer security; Education, Higher--Effect of technological innovations on; Internet in higher education


Information Security

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LB2369.5 .C453 2006