Modern Psychological Studies

Modern Psychological Studies is a psychological journal devoted exclusively to publishing manuscripts by undergraduate students.

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Faculty Advisor
David Ross

Sally Swanson

Editorial Review Board
Jack Adcock
Ella Allen
Laura Anderson
Devan Brown
Lynsi Buford
Ciscily Crislip
Sophi Falcone
Carrington Iocona
Callie Kell
Mairin Knauss
Rachel Lindsey
Sakib Mahbubullah
Layne Massey
Adam Olson
Madeline Parker
Andrew Patton
Catherine Pennell
Amberly Rasaphouthone
Kourtney Ray
Amelia Rosa
Brittany Shavers
Dylan Smith
Kyle Sudduth
April Tate
Hannah Walker
A'Jacia Wash
Hunter Whiting
Solomon Wilson