Modern Psychological Studies

Modern Psychological Studies is a psychological journal devoted exclusively to publishing manuscripts by undergraduate students.

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Faculty Advisor
David Ross

Malynda Clark

Editorial Review Board
Mercedes Asko
Kaleigh Briselden
Samantha Brooks
Fritz Brown
Kennedy Cavin
Lydia Dean
Khushi Dipesh Dhruv
Jayla Easley
Arissa Freeman
Alexis Harris
Sarah Hutzel
Hunter Keele
Trinity Keenan
Alexandra Lambert
Jennie Lingle
Alex Locke
Lindsay Nastav
Kylie O'Grady
Trevor Oakley
Hannah Phillips
Kenyon Phillips
Oliver Rahn
Alyssa Rosenzweig
Emily Rozanski
Tedarrell Scott
Amanda Seay
Alicia Swilley
Vincent Vantiegham
Taylor Winston
Sara Wright