The 16th Annual River Cities I-O (RCIO) Psychology Conference was held as a virtual event on October 24, 2020. Approximately 130 students and professionals registered to participate in this event to explore issues associated with psychological and physical safety at work. Attendees represented more than 8 different universities and at least as many non-academic organizations. This year's event was kicked off with a keynote presentation by Dr. Timothy Ludwig of Appalachian State University. A series of other presentations then followed throughout the day. Participants were also able to asynchronously present and discuss 27 poster presentations. Details on all of the presentations from RCIO 2020 are available in these online proceedings.

The winners of the 2020 RCIO poster competition were as follows:

1st place:
Kelsey Byerly & Mark Frame, Middle Tennessee State University - Will the Number of Behavioral Anchors Increase Rater Accuracy in Performance Evaluations?
2nd place (three-way tie):
Reed Priest, Richard Moffett, Alexander Jackson, & Glenn Littlepage, Middle Tennessee State University - Motivational contagion in a leader-follower dynamic

Natalie E. French & Shanaz Aziz, East Carolina University - Paid time off (PTO): Work stress as a potential moderator between workaholism and PTO usage
Benjamin D. Schulte, Texas A & M University-College Station - An active shooter training video and the extended parallel process model: The role of dismissive contexts

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