The 19th Annual River Cities I-O (RCIO) Psychology Conference was held at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on October 21, 2023. Approximately 110 students and professionals participated in this event to explore current challenges associated with talent acquisition in a challenging labor market. Attendees represented more than 10 different universities and several non-academic organizations. This year's event was kicked off with an impactful keynote presentation on the broad challenges of engaging talent and people more generally by Dr. Tracy Maylett. A series of other thematic presentations then followed throughout the day (as summarized in these proceedings). A lively and interactive poster session also included 30 poster presentations. Details on all of these presentations from RCIO 2023 are available in these online proceedings.

The winners of the 2023 RCIO poster competition were as follows:

1st place
Cora Hurt, Anne Simpson, Katrina Burch (Western Kentucky University)
Cyber incivility and spillover effects: A proposed mediation model

2nd place
Cora Romick, Lilli Watson, Skylar Oney, Malissa Clark (University of Georgia)
Perceived organizational support through a lens of racial tension and challenging times

3rd place
Emma Vosika (Clemson University)
Stressed out and clocking out: Analyzing challenge-hindrance stressors as predictors of turnover intentions

4th place
Luke Symasek, Sabrina Adhami, Kristin Weger (The University of Alabama in Huntsville)
The individual differences of adopters of technology in a challenging labor market

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