Most Recent Additions*


Stand-up citizens: a humanitarian comedy special
Courtenay Cholovich, Ethan McFall, Matt Edmond, Ben Levin, and Dave Hannah


Community-engaged equity research: UTC Equity Fellows Panel 2
Laurie Allen, Dawn Ford, Kara Hamilton, Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, Melissa C. Powell, and Mina Sartipi


Public service scholarship: recent research from the Department of Political Science and Public Service
Christopher S. Horne, Michelle Evans, Irina S. Khmelko, Christopher Acuff, and Holley Odell


The art of not knowing: a mastering of anxiety and depression
William Anderson Blea and Talia Welsh


The event, disaster, and death
Wolfe Harris and Talia Welsh


Orienting identity
Carrie Baldwin and Talia Welsh


Islamic architecture in the American context
Caroline Shipp and Talia Welsh


The lesser known Nordic religion
Elisa Rhodes and Talia Welsh


Jonathan Edwards and autism
Michael Dove and Talia Welsh


Community-engaged equity research: UTC Equity Fellows panel 1
Chandra Ward, Christopher Acuff, Farron Kilburn, and Karissa Peyer


Nerd alert: geek out and learn how UTC’s data can enhance strategic decision making
Sherry Marlow Ormsby, Brad Kiser, Jenny McFerron, and Stephanie Virgo


Creating an open textbook for child development
Rachel Fleming and D.R. Meece


Computational investigation of airflow dynamics in human airways
Reetesh Ranjan, Abi Arabshahi, and Jigme Sethi


Cryptographic accumulators
Ilker Ozcelik, Justin Broaddus, and Sai Medury

*Updated as of 04/09/20.