Committee Chair

O'Leary, Brian J.

Committee Member

Weathington, Bart L.; Cunningham, Christopher J. L.


Dept. of Psychology


College of Arts and Sciences


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Place of Publication

Chattanooga (Tenn.)


This study examined the relationships between team social role performance, team cohesion, and team performance. The team social roles examined were those identified by Mumford, Campion, and Morgeson (2006): Cooperator, Communicator, and Calibrator. The Group Environmental Questionnaire (GEQ) developed by Carron, Widmeyer, and Brawley (1985) provided the measure of team cohesion on the individual and group levels. Performance reports from the GLO-BUS business simulation game provided team performance scores. Results indicated that mean team social role performance and the standard deviation of team social role performance are significantly correlated and predictive of team cohesion. In addition, results indicated a non-significant relationship between the mean and standard deviation of team social role performance and team performance as identified by the GLO-BUS simulation game.


First, I would like to thank my Thesis Chair, Dr. Brian O’Leary, for his support, encouragement, and patience throughout the thesis process. Second, I would like to thank my Thesis Committee, Dr. Christopher Cunningham and Dr. Bart Weathington, for their guidance and constructive feedback. Third, I would like to thank Dr. Daniel Bachrach and Oliver Stoutner for accepting my proposition for research and graciously granting me access to their classes at the University of Alabama. Without their support, this thesis would not have been possible. Fourth, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Dr. Troy Mumford for allowing me to use his team social role performance peer-evaluation questionnaire. His generosity and encouragement were key factors in helping my thesis get off the ground. Last, I would like to extend my thanks to the students at the University of Alabama for their exceptional participation and time.


M. S.; A thesis submitted to the faculty of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Science.




Teams in the workplace; Organizational behavior


Team Composition; Team Roles; Social Roles; Team Cohesion; Team Performance; Business Simulation Game


Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Masters theses


viii, 66 leaves




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